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2017 - 2018

Myanmar Orphanage, Bago

Architology is embarking on its next community project. Investing its energy once again on the next generation. This time with Orphans in the rural areas of Myanmar. Architology will design and build a 2 storey study and learning centre in an orphanage to help the younger children develop their reading skills. Whilst the older children will have space apart from their younger siblings to find space to study and better their grades enabling them to secure a bright future for themselves. A computer lab will also serve as an important hub connect this next generation to the internet, and multiply their ability to relate to the rest of the world and understand themselves in the global context. An essential trait they will need to possess. Architology aims to design a building which stimulates, amuses and yet offers solace and space to concentrate. Currently in the very initial stages of the design, check back for updates!

2016 - 2017

NYPS Heritage Center

The Heritage room project, was a pro bono work done by Architology to help students in Nanyang Primary School understand and celebrate 100 years of their school’s history. Challenging the norm of a linear timeline in representing historical information. Architology chose to lay the room out using concentric curved vertical panels which resembled pages of a book being fanned open. So that visitors could at a glance dive into any segment of the school’s history at any moment. Revisiting parts which they wanted to understand again, or to simply carry on from where they had last left off. Such a fanning out of information allowed the room to deal with a higher occupancy of visitors as there would be no bottle necks created by visitors struggling to get past others which were held up at a particular point in a typically linear museum exhibition layout.

2014 - 2015

Reach Community Services Society

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